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Easter at Kaebisch

For many centuries, a multitude of Easter traditions have been celebrated all around the world amongst millions of people. Whether it’s hunting for brightly colored eggs filled with treats, indulging in chocolates, or spending time with family and friends; these traditions appeal to most people and many of us hold them near and dear to our hearts. While it’s fun to celebrate these traditions, it’s also important to know the origin of what you’re celebrating.

Origin of Traditions

Most of the common Easter traditions familiar to us today originated in Europe long ago. Although many of us cannot relate, winters in Europe are extremely cold, dark, and very long. It is to be expected that exiting this harsh time of year would call for a celebration. While celebrating its religious origins, the European people also celebrated the coming of spring. The coming of new life in the animal world and the plant world are the reasons we have things like the Easter egg and the vibrant pastel colors of the holiday. The egg represents fertility and therefore new life and the colors represent flowers that would sprout due to the change of climate. These symbols were integrated into things like candies, chocolates, and decorations to celebrate.

Easter Chocolates

Spread of Tradition

During the colonization period in the U.S., European immigrants spread these practices wherever they went. Passing down from generation to generation, the Easter sentiment only grew bigger as time went on. Today, we see that Easter and its traditions are extremely prevalent in society today and you’ll probably be opening up some eggs this April.

Honoring the Tradition

Many of us here in Winter Garden, Florida experience a lack of seasons and a longevity of a sunny climate but that hasn’t stopped us here at Kaebisch from participating in the wonderful holiday that is Easter. Chef Anna Kaebisch is so enthusiastic about Easter, that she makes a large and delicious assortment of products just for the holiday. Using only the finest Belgian chocolate, Chef Kaebisch and her chocolatiers freshly hand craft hundreds of chocolate eggs filled with a variety of delicious ingredients ranging from peanut butter to Nutella. Honoring the tradition even further Chef Kaebisch makes chocolate bunnies in all shapes and sizes, beautifully decorated with traditional Easter colors. In fact, her passion for Easter is so strong that she crafts a product unlike any other. A 44 pound chocolate egg shell filled with 22 pounds of mouthwatering Easter products! Let there be no doubt that here, Easter is an extremely important time for us. Come on down to scenic downtown Winter Garden and join us in these celebrations!

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